About The Network

YoungProfsNet is an international voluntary network of environmental and social development practitioners.  In YoungProfsNet young environmental and social development professionals join forces to foster their professional development by working together on subjects and projects of common interest outside their direct sphere of work.  The emphasis will be on environmental and social development policy, strategy and management, on impact assessment regulations, procedures and practice, and on environmental and social development auditing and (value assurance) review.  Cooperative learning and development will focus on identifying and applying international best practice and on available environmental and social sustainability performance standards and guidelines.

YoungProfsNet is an initiative of Eva Kimonye (Kenya) and Maarten Smies (the Netherlands), who in the spring of 2015 discussed how experienced environmentalists could share their knowledge and experience with young professionals. They reckoned that young professionals working together would be able to gain learning and professional development in a variety of ways. They launched YoungProfsNet on 26 May 2015.

For the time being, please find YoungProfsNet under Groups on LinkedIn.  This is an open group, which you can join freely.

Young environmental and social development professionals have varied experiences at the start of their careers.  Many of them work with engineering and consulting companies that focus on productivity in a competitive market.  As a result, they have limited opportunities for learning and development in their fields of expertise and work.  At the same time, there is a vast body of publicly available experience and documentation on all aspects of environmental and social development.  If young professionals would work together to mine relevant sources of information and combine their own knowledge and experience, they will be able to manage their own personal and professional development better for their own and for other young professionals’ benefit.  Experienced environmental and social development experts and managers may be drawn in to act as coaches for and referees of the project work undertaken by network members.

An international cooperative learning and development network of young professionals
We propose to set up an informal international network of young environmental and social development professionals, who would like to work together in order to foster their personal and professional development.  While we imagine that members in one particular country may also find opportunities to meet and work together in person, our expectation is that network members will conduct most of their activities over the Internet.  In fact, we are convinced that the international cooperation of young professionals will add welcome greater diversity and value.

How to join
Young professionals interested to join the network can do that on our Group page on LinkedIn.  Please tell us your personal aspirations for joining the network.

Here is our current brochure  that you may download and read to consider if you would see merit in and would like to join YoungProfsNet. Membership is free. We are developing a business case and business development plan that will also cover funding YoungProfsNet.

If you have any questions, suggestions or proposals for projects that YoungProfsNet may undertake, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.