Network Directors


Maarten Smies
Maarten Smies (*1948, the Netherlands) is a highly and widely experienced environmental consultant and manager, who was Global Environment Lead for Shell's exploration and production business. He is the managing network director and administrator of YoungProfsNet and is responsible for work programme and business development. He originally trained as a biologist with a BSc from the University of Amsterdam and an MSc from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. See also: LinkedIn Profile

Eva Muthoni
Eva Muthoni is a graduate student at the Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences, specializing in water governance. She has experience in project environmental planning and management, environmental and social impact assessment, monitoring and auditing and has dependable knowledge in the environmental sector. She is also a director of YoungProfsNet and is responsible for offering support in the work programme and business development, and for Africa. Her major interests are in climate change adaptation, governance and capacity development, and sustainability and water resource management. See also: LinkedIn Profile